I have been extremely inspired by Brandy Melville lately and wanted to do a shoot that reflected their overall vibe. They are so fun and carefree, California dreamin', and girls with long hair and short shorts. Gabbie and Andrea from Callidus Agency were the perfect fit. We met at the Denton Fairgrounds while the carnival was in town. I've always wanted to shoot at a carnival, so this was a dream come true.

We used Wandervan to get from the MAU's house to the fair – if you live in Denton you should definitely check them out. They are a taxi and transportation company that uses only remodeled 1967 Volkswagen vans! Unfortunately a man working at the carnival was in a hurry to get us to move along, so we didn't get to spend as much time shooting with the van as I would have liked; but it was still so much fun. Big thanks to Wadnervan's owner, Jason, for allowing us to use his van in this shoot!

Thanks to such a great team for making everything come together perfectly! 

Models: Andrea & Gabbie
Makeup: Katie Lira
Assistant: Megan Rhodes
Agency: Callidus Agency
Location: Denton Fairgrounds
Transportation: Wandervan