I met Marissa back when I was working at Natural Grocers. She would come in all the time and we had this weird relationship where we followed one another on Snapchat but didn't hang out in real life. Except, if you follow someone on Snapchat, I feel like you know them better than most people.. 

But a week ago or so she messaged me asking to do some photos of her and her boyfriend for a music project they're working on. We set it up for this morning and yes. Thousands of yeses. They were both super open to the idea of experimenting and giving me creative freedom. Which, oh my gosh, thank you. I really can't express my appreciation for people who say that, and actually mean it. 

We met in Dallas at sunrise and got. to. werk. I'm in love with these photos. They're weird and different than anything I've ever done before. It makes me so excited. Also, we met the oldest, cutest dog ever. So obviously it was a good shoot.

They sent me one of their songs to get inspiration for the shoot. Hit play, sit back, and enjoy.

Make sure you go see them at Oaktopia Fest in Denton this month!