I'm a little embarrassed to say I tried to cancel this shoot due to rain. It was storming a lot and I didn't want to drive the hour to Fort Worth just to be rained out. WELL I learned a valuable lesson and that's not to cancel because storm clouds will end up looking cooler than sunlight ever could. 

Model: Annaleesa Wissinger
Agency: Dragonfly Agency
Location: Tandy Hills Nature Area

Annaleesa drove from San Antonio for our shoot and she came ready to kill it.

The clothing she brought matched my mood board perfectly - which is key - I can't stress that enough. If you don't have a stylist providing the clothing, bringing consistent, editorial pieces is soo important for a beautiful, high quality shoot.

A simple trench and wide leg pant (not jeans) can add a TON to the aesthetic of the portraits. 

These next portraits are some of my favorite.

The overcast lighting made it easy to achieve a blurred look in the images with more movement. One of my favorite photographers, Ben Sasso, always says "Connection Over Perfection" and I really want to implement that into my shoots. The emotion that you feel when you look at an image is so much more important than the focus being perfectly crisp.

If I can take a photo and feel the energy in it, like, really FEEL it; than i'm doing something right. 

The final outfit is one of my favorites. We wrapped right before light was completely gone and it helped add to the moody, stormy vibe of the whole shoot. Her baby doll dress and bandana reminded me of Little House on the Prairie, and I couldn't love that more. 

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like." – Davis Alan Harvey