FULL BLOG from my shoot with Aubrey of The Dragonfly Agency! She is in their commercial division – which means she models for print (magazines, catalogs, etc.), not runway or editorial. Because of this, we focused on her natural beauty, capturing smiling portraits, and athletic wear. 

Aubrey goes to UNT, which is in my hometown of Denton, Texas! This made it easy to meet up in Downtown and utilize those everyday settings. I love "everyday" settings – simply meaning, locations you walk by on an everyday basis. Just strolling with my models and stopping whenever we see an aesthetically pleasing background is my favorite way to shoot. This could be as simple as a shrub in front of a funeral home (see first image), or a well-placed vintage car (keep scrolling); just keep your eyes open and practice being resourceful. 

The glorious vintage car you've heard so much about

We finished our shoot with athletic wear. Since we were shooting with sunrise, the lighting was able to flatter her face while defining her muscle tone. 


Model: Aubrey Petcosky
Agency: The Dragonfly Agency
Locations: Various Locations in Denton, Texas