Aww you guys, I love Aubrey so much. This was our second shoot together and i'm even more in love with these images than the first; I can only image if we shoot together a third time i'll feel that same way! 

We both live in Denton so it's an easy meeting place. I picked Aubrey up at 6:45am and we drove to a field I'd scouted a few days before. I wanted a really summery, bright, and cheerful shoot and asked Aubrey to bring any clothing that matched those vibes. She killed it with the styling – tons of maxi dresses, cut-offs, and crop tops - it's everything I had imagined. 

Model: Aubrey Petcosky
Agency: Dragonfly Agency

There was a parking lot close by that had some gorgeous sunlight pouring onto it. There really isn't a BAD location to shoot – if the lighting is right, just go for it! 

Aren't those shorts the cutest EVER? I've been working on taking more detail shots during portrait sessions (specifically for the blog) and am so glad Aubrey reminded me to grab one of the little flower pattern. 

Our next location was a beautiful rose garden in Denton. It's kind of my favorite place ever, and I love that not many other photographers know where it is. Of course, I'll tell you if you ask, haha but for now it's my cute little secret. The roses and peach trees weren't in bloom, but the plum trees were just started to produce the sweetest white flowers! We grabbed some shots in them and I love the way the shadows fell on her dress. 

Necklace provided by Ninth House Collective! <<< Click to browse their website and all the beautiful products. 

As a bonus, I've uploaded an editing tutorial of one of my favorite images from the day – you can view that on my YouTube Channel here! xoxo