Meet Ava. She is ELEVEN YEARS OLD and 5'11. 

We met at their home in OKC and got started with makeup – I went with a very natural look since she is still so young (and her skin was flawless!). These first two photos were taken in her neighbor's tree. It was meant for a lighting test, but actually ended up being some of my favorites. 

After the test, we loaded wardrobe into the car and set off for Taft Middle School. 

I love shooting at "ordinary" places. Anytime I'm riding in a car, I'll look out the window in search of new shoot locations. There is potential everywhere, you just have to look past the idea of it being mundane and find the beauty in it. 

Ava absolutely killed it. She has such a fun, spunky personality that just radiates joy! Can't wait to work with her again the next time i'm in OKC. 

Model: Ava Bauer
Agency: Brink Models & Eye Management
Styling: Kelly Sparks
Makeup: Kelly Sparks
Location: Oklahoma City