Wow i'm so in love with this whole session.

Bradleigh is a lifestyle model with Dragonfly but her agent wanted us to get more fashion / editorial looks during our shoot. I always like to start with a basic first looks and then slowly move into more fun outfits and poses. 

I began our shoot with my white backdrop knowing I would want to change the color in post. This is one of my favorite things to do right now – it's so fun and allows me to get creative with the backgrounds.

These next photos are some of my all time favorites.

I really like smiling portraits that look natural and candid – I love images that evoke emotion and make it look like the photographer and model were just great friends, hanging out together and having fun. 

The majority of the time, when an agency requests studio work, they also want a few images outdoors as well. Bradleigh arrived at my house at 10am and it had been raining nonstop the whole morning. I thought the rain may go away before we needed to hop outside – but it definitely did not.


& i'm super happy with the results. Bradleigh was awesome for being willing to shoot in the rain and I think it's pretty dope that you can see the raindrops in those first two portraits.