Brianna is a model with Dragonfly Agency in Dallas. We met at the Joule Hotel in Dallas a couple days ago and spent the evening running around chasing the light. 

She's such an awesome person and I can't wait to work with her again in the future. Scroll all the way down to see a few weirder shots that we got (on accident).

When the sun goes down, I love experimenting with slower shutter speeds. It creates a flowing, soft image like the one above ^^^ and while it is out of focus, I love that it captures the FEEL of the moment. 

The next set of photos are more experimental and actually happened as an accident. I was using my external flash to get some light flares (since it was turning into night) and the following images happened when my flash didn't fire. 

On the back of my camera, they were completely black. I got curious and pulled them into Lightroom, cranked the exposure all the way up, and this was the result It gives a gritty, unintentional, film-esque vibe, and I actually really love it.