Yesterday afternoon, nearly one hundred people gathered in Dallas to stand in solidarity with the Sioux Nation and Water Protectors in Cannon Ball, North Dakota.

Since April, hundreds of native people have stood in opposition of the Dakota Access Pipeline – a 1,172 mile long pipeline that would transport approximately 470,000 barrels of oil per day. The pipeline is set to run directly under the Missouri River, potentially destroying the main water source of The Standing Rock Sioux people, as well as poisoning millions of other American's water. Ruptures and leaks are not a rarity when it comes to these kinds of pipelines; in fact, they happen on a weekly basis. This means that it isn't a matter of IF the pipe will burst and destroy their water source, but WHEN.

Indigenous people have been mistreated by the American Government for too long. We need to band together and make our voices heard – we gathered last night in front of the largest funder of the Dakota Access Pipeline to do just that.

Dallas stands with Standing Rock! 



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