When Dana's agent at The Dragonfly Agency called me, I almost couldn't believe it. She is an incredibly sought-after model and I've followed her on social media for as long as I can remember. It was such an amazing experience being able to photograph her! 

Dana is based in New York and had never been to the State Fair of Texas. Seeing as it was happening the same weekend she would be here, we planned our shoot entirely around it; all the colors, lights, games, and cotton candy. 

One of the biggest challenges we faced was the amount of people on the fair grounds. It was difficult to maneuverer through the crowds AND look for aesthetically pleasing, well-lit places to shoot. However, I actually really liked the look of people in the background, and with a lower f/stop (I was shooting at 1.4) they are pleasantly blurred to not cause distraction. 

The above photo is one of my favorites. I love the motion and blur. It isn't always about taking a perfectly sharp, in focus image. Sometimes, it's more about evoking an emotion and causing the viewer to feel truly present in that moment.

Alright y'all. It got dark and I fell in love. 

Here's the part where we shot on the Merry-Go-Round and I almost fell off. Worth it. 

Immediately following my shoot with Dana at the State Fair, I had a shoot in the studio at WELD. Before that shoot got started, I tested light with Dana and am really fond of the portraits we got.

HUGE THANK YOU to Dragonfly Agency, Dana, Josh, and all the other fabulous people who helped make this shoot happen so last minute. Definitely in the books as a favorite. 

Model: Dana Tyne
Agencies: The Dragonfly Agency, Wilhelmina NY & LA, Option Models
Studio Location: WELD Dallas
Styling: Josh B.