De'Ana is an absolutely beautiful model with The Campbell Agency and a modeling coach, specializing in petite models. She found me through Instagram and reached out about setting up a shoot. I always creep on people's social media when they contact me (oops) and stumbled across De'Ana's YouTube channel. It is filled with encouraging videos, posing tips, wardrobe advice, and so much more for aspiring petite models. 

I immediately knew I wanted to get to know this girl. She was fabulous. So inspiring, cheerful, and full of positive energy. De'Ana is the type of model I love working with – she's doing what she loves and she's doing it well.

After sending a few emails back and forth about her vision for the shoot, we decided to do a sunrise shoot at Isle Du Bois State Park. She has a lot of studio work in her portfolio and had requested a more natural, boho-chic style for this shoot. Seeing as I specialize in outdoor, natural lighting, this was right up my alley. 

I shot this on a Canon 5D Mark II with an 85mm 1.2L. I kept the aperture at a 1.2 to maintain that etherial, blurred background look.

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