Kadie is a designer and the owner of an incredible branding studio in Dallas called DesignbyKadie. She, along side two other graphic designers, focus their talents on helping small business owners creatively and uniquely brand their work.  

Keep Exploring, an outdoor adventure company, hired me to photograph local creatives for a project that is currently in the making. Their mission is to highlight creatives in the Dallas area and showcase their daily routines in order to encourage others to pursue their passions. Kadie fits the project perfectly – she is extremely hard working, dedicated to her business, and has spent countless hours making her dream a reality. 

We met at Davis Street Espresso for some early morning coffee and discussions. We talked about her life as a small business owner, the goals she has set for the future, and of course, enjoyed ourselves some delicious lattes.  

After our fill of coffee, we hopped in the car and headed for her nearby studio. I got the grand tour and Kadie got to work designing a beautiful watercolor piece for Keep Exploring. 

"DesignbyKadie is a boutique graphic design studio for hard-working hustlers. It is run under the belief that a company's visual message should match the quality of their work. We take a minimalist approach - valuing quality over quantity, purposeful design solutions, and are advocates for the small business owners we invest in."

You can read more about KadiebyDesign on their website –