Elizabeth is a model with Wallflower Management in Dallas and I am so excited I had the opportunity to work with her. I styled this shoot with simple, carefree clothing to encourage a youthful and playful vibe. I really wanted to focus on Elizabeth's features and show off her natural beauty.

We met at McKinney Square in Dallas on Friday morning. I already knew I wanted to use Bisous Bisous Pรขtisserie's porch for the first few shots, but wasn't sure where else I wanted to go in that area. That's one of my favorite parts of shooting in a new place - just walking around aimlessly until I spot good light or a visually appealing background. I also knew that a cute lil' trolley came through that area.. but that's a story for later. 

There was a parking garage next door to Bisous Bisous and the lower deck had surprisingly cool light. I played around with the light from my phone to create some of the shots below and actually really loved the way they turned out! 

Favorite photo everrrr ^^^

After the parking garage, we walked around the shopping center until we found a sidewalk with this cool row of plants that I knew I could mask with.

Masking (or natural masking) is when you take something from the surroundings and cover part of your lens with it. When you take an image in this way, the object you're holding in the foreground blurs and can add interesting textures and visuals to your image. You can use your fingers, leaves, flowers, fabric, part of the model's clothing, etc. Anything your heart desires! 

And back to the trolley I mentioned earlier...

I had seen online that part of the trolley's route was McKinney Ave. where we were shooting, but I had no idea when it would come or where it went for that matter. Elizabeth had just changed into her final look and then, all of the sudden, THE TROLLEY ROLLED UP! 

We ran and hopped on right in the knick of time. What followed was a short ride in which some of my favorite portraits were created. 

Model: Elizabeth Majors
Agency: Wallflower Management + Explosion Model Management
Location: Dallas, Texas
Styling + Photography: Kelly Sparks