What's up, everybody! If you saw my latest blog post about unplugging from social media, you know that I'm spending this month trying new things and working on my personal style! In that attempt, I accidentally found a cool new way to shoot and i'm really excited about it. 

Lil' back story: 
I was shooting with Brianna and busted out the ole external flash to try something new. Turns out my flash's batteries were really low and it only fired like, once in every 10 shots - because of that, the majority of photos from that set were solid black. I quickly gave up on trying to make the flash work and went back to natural light. Only when I got home and loaded the photos onto my computer did I experiment with editing the underexposed photos. Turns out, bumping up the exposure all the way up gives the image an interesting, nostalgic feel. 

I was really excited about the way Brianna's photos looked and with the right amount of tweaking, thought this shooting style could be really awesome. I decided to try it again with my husband, Alex and took some photos of him outside our house in bright, noon lighting. The effect didn't work quiet as well and just looked normal. 

The struggle comes in making the photo 5+ stops underexposed and keeping the depth of field at the same time. The next day, we tried it again in his office, and I absolutely LOVED the way they turned out. Since it was indoors, it was easier to underexpose while keeping a wider (lower number) f stop!

I loved these, especially with the vintage Coca Cola machine in the back. 

Later that afternoon I had a shoot scheduled with Faith and decided to try the effect again, this time with a professional model.

Basically, i'm in love. 

This shooting method is really fun because in the moment, my camera screen is just solid black. I can't tell what the photo looks like, if the model's eyes are open, or if it will even edit correctly. On a few other test shots, when I edited the photos they were still WAY too dark. I have to make sure all my settings are right while taking the photo, but won't actually know if I set them correctly until I'm home editing!

It's the gleeful anticipation of shooting film, with the (almost) immediate gratification of shooting digital! 

It's been really awesome to experiment, I feel like I haven't tried something new with photography in a long time. I'm super excited about this project - more to come!