Pink flowers, stone steps, and the most beautiful overcast weather; Faith's shoot at Prather Park was just amazing. We began in front of the most beautiful rod-iron fence, completely enveloped in spring flowers. I love incorporating bright colors, especially when they so perfectly match the styling! 

While you're shooting, be on the look out for new, interesting locations. We were walking to another spot when we passed by this fencing. It was right in front of a home, but I had the model stop for just a moment to capture these portraits. Keep your mind open and always be searching. 

This second outfit was oh my gosh, definitely a favorite.

I love flowing pieces, and this blue striped dress was absolutely perfect with the green surroundings. Our stylist, Kristin, has incredible taste and I'm always so happy with what she picks out. I love that she really gets to know each photographer she works with, and makes sure to bring pieces that vibe with everyone's styles. 

Prather Park is an amazing location to try different shooting angles – the stone steps allowed me to stand at the top and shoot down onto Faith below. We were lucky to be there on a rainy day, so there weren't many other people strolling through the background. 

In these next photos, I had Faith run back and forth across the street, as well as straight towards me. This is my favorite way to shoot because of the movement it adds (especially with a free-flowing dress like this one). If you're having trouble thinking of "posing" ideas, have your model take one big step towards you and shoot in burst mode to capture the full range of motion. 

Big thank you to Faith and Kristin for making this shoot a dream. Check out more of their work below! 

Styling: Kristin McIntyre
Model: Faith Brannon
Agency: Dragonfly Agency