Gabbi just recently signed with Brink Models in OKC and Eye Management in Nashville and I had the pleasure of working with her on her very first test! She is a ballerina and beginning her freshman year at OU this spring. She was such a joy to work with – so sweet and so much raw beauty. 

With new models, I like to shoot a variety of styles so their agency has the most to work with. We started out in the studio – I used a grey, seamless backdrop and all natural light. Set up your backdrop facing a large window for the maximum amount of light.

Model: Gabbi Sorensen
Agencies: Brink + Eye
Makeup and Styling: Kelly Sparks
Assistance: Ashley Highberger

Quick break to lay on the floor + outfit change. 

After we'd gotten some great studio shots, we moved outside to take advantage of that beautiful sunlight. 

Tip: Lay on the ground to capture the most upward angle possible. This will elongate the model's legs and emphasize their height. 

I had driven past a beautiful sunflower field a couple days before our shoot and knew I wanted to incorporate it. In the country, fields are plowed regularly, so I was so thankful to see it still standing!