Hipcamp Assignment: Girl Scout's Cabin

I planned my latest Hipcamp Assignment around my mom's birthday and we turned it into a full-fledged girl's trip. My mom, sister, and I packed up the car and hit the road for a Girl Scout's Camp in Spicewood, Texas!

The property was just beautiful and I immediately fell in love with how peaceful it was. The cabins sat just a few hundred yards from the Colorado river and we were lucky enough to be the only guests staying those days. We had the entire 400 acres to ourselves! 

And here's the part where you aren't technically supposed to swim..

But seriously, how do you say no to the Colorado River? 


Cooking, swimming, and being immersed in nature


Blowing up the air rafts and fighting on the way home (family, amiright?) 

The next morning we woke up early and started making coffee. One of my favorite things on earth is cooking over an open fire – there's just something about it that is so rewarding. We made coffee, toast, and scrambled eggs in the leftover hamburger grease (mmmm too delicious). 

One of the best parts of the whole trip was eating our breakfast on the rocks looking out over the river. We even saw a porcupine! TRIP. MADE. 

After a very exciting breakfast with our new friend ^^^ we trekked back to the river, this time with our tubes. They were the type that you couldn't blow up with your mouth, so we had to find a gas station to fill them with air and it literally took hours. And like, a thousand quarters. 


I love being a Field Scout for Hipcamp. It leads me to the coolest places and allows me to get outdoors and explore areas I wouldn't typically think to go. It's also free camping.. so that's pretty awesome too ;) 

If you think this looks fun, learn more about it / apply here: