Hannah Hannah Hannah. This girl is a dream. 

She drove all the way from San Antonio for our shoot and I could not be happy with the results. We shot in Downtown Fort Worth and just kind of meandered around, shooting in perfect light, and laughing the entire time.

I really crave shoots like this. It's such a good feeling knowing that I can be creative, try new things, and incorporate new ideas because the model is comfortable with me. If you can, get to know your model before the shoot. Look them up, go through their portfolio, Facebook stalk them; do what you've got to do to know their style and personality better. 

I like to shoot them a quick DM on Instagram. You can go over the mood board in more detail, answer any questions they may have, and simply introduce yourself – I promise it makes a world of difference when you arrive for your shoot. In saying this, however, please respect their privacy and don't overdo it, especially if you are a guy shooting a girl. They aren't working with you to build a friendship and certainly not a relationship; they're working with you because their agency has requested it or because they like your work. Be professional and keep them comfortable above all else. 

I can't stress trying new stuff enough. Get creative with your models, have fun, don't just repeat the same poses over and over. The more you focus on being creative, the more ideas will come to you. Run with those ideas. 

If you try something and it doesn't look as good as you imagined, just take a couple photos and move on. Don't tell the model it looks bad. You never want them to feel like it's their fault or feel self conscious. 

Breaking News (literally I just found out right now): 
Dragonfly requested that Hannah cut her hair.. and we will be working again very soon to capture her new do! Cannot wait. This girl is amazing. 

Model: Hannah Globe
Assistant: Ashely Highberger
Agency: The Dragonfly Agency
Location: Fort Worth, Texas