Hayley is a talented fashion designer and the owner of HAYRUD – a beautiful online shop showcasing her pieces. I recently found her on Instagram and fell in love with her style. We decided to shoot together last weekend and I'm SO excited about what we got. 

Model: Hayley Rudolph
Clothing: HAYRUD
Location: Dallas Botanical Gardens
Photography: Kelly Sparks

Hayley texted me the day before our shoot saying she had to dye her hair pink for a show. She asked if I'd prefer to reschedule since it was different than I originally expected – LOL girl you're crazy if you think I don't want to shoot a pink haired model! It was such a beautiful pastel pink and look perfect next to the flowers! 

The Dallas Botanical Gardens are one of my favorite places to shoot because of all the versatility and nature – however, it's $16/person + parking + the hour drive – so I don't shoot here often. This month, though, the entry fee is only $1 per person!! I was so happy when I found this out, so you will be seeing more Botanical Garden shoots from me this August ;) 

And finally our last outfit. All blue everything and her dad's vintage jacket? Yes please! 

The scorching heat forced us to take multiple breaks and sit in the shade, which really allowed us to get to know one another. I had so much fun shooting with Hayley – she is so sweet and you should definitely check her out on Instagram! >> @hayleyrudolph <<