I’ll be really honest with you guys. I didn’t want to do this shoot at all. I had just gotten back in town from five days of shooting all over Houston and Austin and I was exhausted.  

The evening after getting back in town, I got a call from The Dragonfly Agency asking if I could shoot with Isabella the next day. She was in town from Shanghai and was only available one day (this isn’t uncommon to book really last minute shoots since a lot of models are from out of town), but my initial thought was no way, i’m way too tired. 

I told Alex about it – how i’d gotten this voicemail, but wasn’t going to do it, and how I worked hard all week and “deserved” to rest. Well, he had some thoughts, as he typically does, and set me straight pretty quick. 

We both work for ourselves: we spend a lot of time talking about drive, and the importance of hustling. I love what I do. I love waking up early and shooting with sunrise. I love meeting new people and constantly learning new things about working in the fashion industry. Those things are easy and enjoyable for me; there’s no struggle in it. Those things are certainly productive, but productivity and hustle are very different in my mind. 

It’s when I’m called last minute, very unmotivated, and ready to rest after traveling, that I get to decide if I’d rather grow my business, my portfolio, and my connections, or rest. It seems like a pretty obvious choice now, but it’s easy to go with your first emotion of “I’ll just sit this one out”. It’s those times that I get to prove to myself that I want this, and that I will work as hard as I can to get it.

PS I’m still figuring out what “this” is. 

In the wise words of Ace Hood,
"hustle, hustle, hustle, hard
hustle, hustle, hustle, hard"