I am so in love with the way these portraits turned out! 

I have been wanting to shoot at the Texas Tulip Fields for a while and am so happy that I had the opportunity to with Katie Phillips! Katie is signed with Meraki Models in Dallas and just had the perfect, summertime look for our shoot. 

We met at the fields one hour before sunset and the lighting could not have been more perfect. There wasn't a cloud in sight :)

There were dozens of rows of tulips, but I LOVED these purple ones with the white tops! I have no idea what kind they are, but it looks like frost and it was just beautiful. 

The tulip fields are open until 8:00pm, and since the sun sets closer to 7:45 we were able to get a few portraits during blue hour. Pretty much everyone has heard of Golden Hour (the hour before sun sets when the lighting is really sunny and golden), but Blue Hour is another one of my favorite times to shoot.

It is directly AFTER the sun goes down and the sky is the most beautiful blue and sometimes pink colors. You really only have a couple minutes, but it creates a very cinematic, hazy feel that I truly love (even though it's challenging to get focus!). 

So so happy with these and really excited to have some spring photos for my blog! While the fields are open, I am offering 20 minute mini-sessions! Email me today to book your spot! hello@kellysparks.co