I received an email on November 12th inviting me to Marfa, Texas with nine other creatives, sponsored by the clothing brand Kit and Ace and a private airline based in Texas called RISE. The thing was, the trip was in two days. So I did what any sane person would do – respond "YES" and proceed to cancel everything scheduled for the weekend. You really shouldn't say no to a private plane ride to the most fascinating town in Texas. 

On the drive down to Austin, I got another email – this time it was asking me to (super last minute) be the event photographer. Luckily I had brought my gear in anticipation of taking photos, so I again said "YES". 

Alex dropped me off at the Austin Airport and after meeting everyone, we hopped on board the RISE flight and set off to Marfa. The just-over-an-hour flight was spent with cocktails, conversation, and the best ice-breaking game ever; two truths and one lie. Or was it one truth and two lies? We could never keep it straight. 

After landing at the Marfa airport we were driven to The Chinati Foundation, an art gallery featuring both indoor and outdoor installations by Donald Judd. We walked the acreage, took pictures, and got to know one another. From there we went to Ballroom Marfa, another art exhibit in downtown featuring local artists. My favorite piece was a film narrative called "Even Pricks" by Ed Atkins. It had a computer generated monkey and this thumb that kept being put in strange holes on the human body. If you happen to be Ed and you're reading this, I'm so sorry for that horrific synopses – please know that I loved it. 

I little more wandering around and seeing the iconic Marfa water tower before the short drive to El Cosmico for dinner. 

DINNER TIME OMG! Let me just tell you. After doing a juice diet for two weeks, I couldn't have asked for a more delicious meal. Goat cheese salad, pork, shrimp, roasted carrots, unlimited wine and Topo Chico followed by the greatest dessert of all time that I have no idea how to describe. 

There is so much more I want to say about this trip. It was so short but I feel like I was there for a lifetime. In 12 hours, strangers became close friends and I gained more inspiration than I've had in a while. 

Thank you so so so so so much to RISE and to Kit and Ace for curating such a beautiful day for us. I have no idea how to even thank you. Your generosity and willingness to sacrifice time and money in order to build community is incredible. Thank you again.