My shoot with Kourtland started early at my parent's house in Justin, Texas. I wanted to incorporate a farm vibe without making it too country – kind of a Vogue-meets-farm-life-meets-Little-House-on-the-Prairie thing. 

It ended up being super overcast that morning, so we sat inside for a bit drinking coffee and eating donuts; letting it brighten up a little before shooting. It turned out to be perfect. The clouds kept us shooting until noon. 

My assistant, Ashley, brought this amazing thrifted dress (below). It flowed wonderfully and added so much movement (which if you follow my photography at all, know that is so important to me). 

After frolicking around one of the only hills in Justin, we moved to an incredible wheat field which I just happened to drive by on the way to the shoot. It was completely unplanned, but the field ended up being the exact same color as a dress Kourtland brought.

That dress was, in fact, her grandmother's wedding dress! So unbelievable. 

Model: Kourtland Jordan
Agency: Dragonfly Agency
Assistant: Ashley Highberger
Photographer / Stylist: Kelly Sparks

100% some of my favorite photos I've taken. Everything about everything just fit into place. Shoots like this gives me so much life.