Hey friends! I want to take a minute to tell you about my favorite time of the day to shoot and why.

I asked Megan to meet me at 7:15am so we could grab coffee and get to the Historic Homes District of Denton by 7:30am. The sun rises right about 7:05 these days, so giving it a half hour to get over the horizon is always helpful. Every photographer has a different style and favorite time of the day to shoot, but for me, it's sunrise. Here's why!

Early morning lighting is soft, it is flattering, and it can be manipulated to look like sunset lighting. For example, these first three photos.. The light is bright, it's shining boldly through the trees, and there are sun flares. I used to ride and die by that sunset light so I still like to throw it in every now and then.

Okay but.. this is my new favorite light. It is crisp, it is bold when you want it to be, and it is flattering. This soft lighting is my go to for portraits because it softens skin without the "overly edited" feel of some retouching softwares. In the shot below, the sun was directly to her right and shaded slightly by trees. 

It's 8:00am now. Her outfit change into the green dress and combat boots called for harsher lighting. Morning light is great because you can have your subject face towards the sun. This allows for a really dramatic and shadowed look while still flattering your model. It also brightens their eyes and really makes the pupil pop. Use the color dodge tool in Photoshop to really draw attention to the pupil and whites of the eyes! 

Typically during a shoot later in the day you want your subject to keep their back to the sun. This is because the light is quite harsh and can be irritating to look into. Don't forget to bring your reflector to direct the light towards their face while allowing the sun to create a ring of light behind them. 

Hope this was informative! Enjoy the rest of the photos! 

I hope this was informative for you guys. If you have any questions or want me to talk about/shoot something in particular, comment below and let me know!