Today I wanted to show a little bit about my editing style and technique! I'll be using photos from my recent shoot with Megan Rhodes. Megan was wanting photos for the "about page" on her photography website and had sent the photo below as an example of want she was looking for. 

As you can see, it has this big beautiful sun glowing in the lefthand corner and everything looks very summery. Although this photo was taken during sunset, I went ahead and booked Megan's shoot at sunrise knowing I could mimic the style while still getting to shoot during the coolest time of the day. Which, for those of us living in Texas, is super necessary!

Now here is the unedited version of what we got. Clearly not as bright and cheery as the photo above, but on the right track as far as location and basic lighting. Even though it's underexposed, I loved this photo and hung onto it. Keep scrolling to see the finalized version :)  

After some basic editing, brightening her eyes, and removing a few distractions (along the brim of her hat and neckline), it's one of my favorite shots from the whole shoot! Also, Megan is pretty stunning, so making her look good was easy :)

If this was helpful for you, comment below and let me know! I'd love to dive into some more of my techniques and retouching styles. Have a great weekend everyone!