Meliana is a model with The Callidus Agency in Dallas and I was THRILLED when she emailed about setting up a shoot. I immediately fell in love with her look and wanted to find a really fun location for us to use.

I had driven by this weird UFO in Royse City a couple years ago and have wanted to use it ever since – this was the perfect opportunity! BTW I found out later these crazy things are called Futuro Houses and the history is fascinating. Definitely go check them out. 

I'm just so in love with the vibe of these photos. It was so fun to use the structure as one giant prop.

I wasn't sure how the interior would photograph since it was darker inside and the walls had lottsss of swear words everywhere (lol) – but it ended up being really beautiful lighting! The close up portraits we took inside are some of my favorites from the whole set. 

Experimenting during photo shoots can be intimidating because if something isn't working how I imagined, I get nervous that the model will think I don't know what I'm doing. But honestly, what's the worst thing that could have happened? If it wouldn't have looked right, we would have just taken a couple and moved back outside. No harm, no foul! 

Don't worry what people think. Play it cool and try new things. If you never experiment, you'll never grow and get better. 

BAM. Outfit change.

I knew I wanted to get some of Meliana in the field, without the Futura Home in the background. She brought the most amazing overalls and white, victorian style blouse that we just had to use. It was perfect with the tall grass and I love the Little House on the Prairie vibes! 

For the majority of my shoots, I like to change the model's makeup for our last look. It really changes things up and is great for versatility in their portfolios. For Meliana's last look, I decided to go with a full coverage, vintage style makeup and a "modern 70's" outfit. Doing makeup is so much fun and I love getting to play around with it.

I used a purple crystal (car keychain) to create the lighting effect you see in the last few images! 

Find her on social media below! 

Model: Meliana Hlavac
Agency: Callidus Agency