Freshly signed to Dragonfly Agency, Mike was in town for just one week before heading back to his mother agency in Kansas City. We met at a location on Harry Hines that I had driven by last year and always hoped to use.

I wanted to play around with the shadows and structural lines, so I asked Mike to meet me at 11:00am when the sun would be really high in the sky. My assistant, Michelle Khan, helped by directing the light with a reflector (on the gold side). I simply used it as a fill light since everything was so bright already. 

The next three images were taken beneath the pedestrian bridge, where we were shaded completely. I had Mike sit against the handrail so I could shoot down on him, bringing out his eyes and increasing the reflections in his glasses. The street behind the railing was harshly lit by the sun, which I further brightened in post.

Having your subject sit in the shade, but allowing the background to remain sunny, is a great way to purposefully overexpose the background and draw focus to the foreground AKA your subject's face. 

To switch it up, we drove to Bachman Lake Park and shot our final outfit in a more natural setting.

I didn't realize it was so close to Dallas Love Field and was so excited to get a photo of one of their planes landing behind Mike! Talk about good timing. 


Model: Mike Spero
Agencies: Dragonfly, Arizona Model Management, Moda Models Cape Town SA
Assistant: Michelle Khan @michellekhxn
Gear: Canon 5D Mark ii / 50mm 1.2L