I met Nick through Instagram and was super pumped when he asked me to take his senior photos. He's such a cool guy and a seriously talented photographer

Nick graduated from Coram Deo Academy (same school as me!) last year but never had senior photos taken. His mom always wished that he'd taken them though – so he decided to surprise her with senior and family photos for Mother's Day! 

We started our shoot in the Historic Homes District of Denton.
Look at this next photo. Look at that face. I'm so excited for this mom to see that one. 

Nick loves sun flares and that beautiful golden hour light (if you've seen his photography then you know what I'm talking about)! So after shooting around Denton for a bit, we headed to Lake Forest Park for sunset and wide open spaces.

Nick had asked his dad to bring his mom to the park all dressed up, but to not tell her about the photos. She was so excited when they arrived and saw Nick standing there in his cap and gown. We took a few photos of them all together and then they headed off for their dinner reservations.

Happy Mother's Day to all you beautiful ladies out there!!