Whew. It's been a minute since i've blogged, and I think this shoot is the perfect one to come back on. 

I found Olivia's Instagram a couple weeks ago and immediately DMed her. She sent over her agent's email at Kim Dawson, and we set up a date. Everything fell into place so easily and I couldn't be more excited to share our shoot. 

Model: Olivia Whittaker
Agency: Kim Dawson
Styling: Me
Time: Noon (yes I know this isn't typically ideal, but I love it)

I had arrived early to drive around and find some additional spots, and ended up finding the most amazing, fairy tale, secret-garden-home ever. I'm glad I did, because our original meeting place ended up having a lot of construction going on and I wasn't keen on using it anymore (..benefits of always arriving early!). 

The stairway / vine wall outside this home were all completely shaded by trees. Since we met at noon to begin shooting, I needed to find locations that had full shade coverage (or embrace the direct sun like we did a little later). Shooting at noon has gotten a really bad rap because it's so intensely bright – but i've recently fell in love with it. You can really take advantage of the lighting options that come with direct sun. We shot in the shade for most of our shoot, but you can also play with harsh shadows, use the direct sun to your advantage (for a muscle defining, rigid look), and so much more.

CHALLENGE: Shoot at noon on your next personal shoot. Just try it out and see what you can get. Being well rounded and able to adjust to people's schedules will help you out immensely in the long run. 

All of these locations were just walking around a neighborhood in Dallas. I use Google Maps to locate a visually appealing area and just run with it!  Don't be scared to shoot somewhere "boring" like a housing division – It will pay off ;)