I am so excited to share my newest shoot with Shea.

She is signed to Rock Agency in Wisconsin and was only in Dallas for a week to train with John Benton (if you're a model looking for an amazing trainer, he's your guy!). I'm thrilled that her agency found me and asked her to shoot with me while in town. We met at my studio in Denton and put. in. work. 

Hair and makeup by the incredibly talented Heather Fitzgerald. 

I like to start with some basic beauty shots because it allows me to chat with the model and get both of us more comfortable working together. From there, we are able to get more creative with posing and wardrobe. 

We worked on getting more expression shots and smiling images for Shea's book. 

One of my favorite (and most awkward) things to do is ask the model to laugh out loud - like, actually LOL - as loud as they can. This allows me to capture real, authentic smiles. I always laugh with them, and Heather even laughed along with us.

It's typically so uncomfortable that everyone starts laughing authentically, and it creates the cutest images. See below :) 

For our next look, Heather switched it up with baby buns and starry eyes. I'm so in love with her work and how creative she gets with it. 

After shooting in the studio for a while (typically about an hour), I like to go outside and get full body, natural light portraits. My brain needs a change of pace after shooting indoors anyways, so it's a great way to switch things up and capture more movement. 

I love this next look that Shea brought – it's adorable and it reminds me of Wet Hot American Summer – so it's a win-win. 


Model: Shea Hollar
Agency: Rock Agency
Beauty: Heather Fitzgerald
Location: Denton, Texas