I've been having so much fun shooting in the studio lately. 

I recently bought a new white backdrop and have been having a blast changing the color of it in Photoshop. I don't have the space for a bunch of different colored backdrops, so this is a really easy and efficient way to change it up. Also, it means I have endless color options! YAY! 

(Scroll to the bottom for a before and after)

Model: Skylar Eisenmann
Location: My Studio! 
Makeup by me

The brown backdrop looks best with rich, dark colors. I loved Skylar's turtleneck and paired it with some deep blue, high-waisted jeans for a 70's feel. 

These next few were shot on the white backdrop, which allowed me to have fun with the colors and textures. 

The above photo is one of my absolutely favorites from our shoot, so I wanted to include a "before and after" to show my backdrop changes. I wanted to make it a pastel pink to match the Instax camera. I use the "Color Replacement" tool in Photoshop to get the result below. You can change the color of anything in the photo, but I've found this feature works best on solid, flat objects (such as the backdrop – doesn't work on hair / clothing as well).