Where to even start.

I've felt really uninspired for the last two months and I honestly have fallen into the routine of just shooting, editing, delivering, and shooting again. It wasn't creative, it wasn't fun, it was just routine. I work for myself, so the last thing I want is to become trapped in a workflow that I don't enjoy. Being self-employed allows me to challenge myself, find new ways to create, and allows me to make mistakes. I don't want to be comfortable, I want to be pushed. 

I reached out to Skyler via Instagram and asked if he would want to shoot. He has such a unique look, and I wanted to switch things up. Not only do I adore his style (and freckles), I also rarely get the opportunity to shoot with male models; so it seemed like a win-win. 

I chose a large, empty warehouse as our location for two reasons. Number one, I never shoot indoors, so I thought it would be a cool challenge. And Number two, I only have access to this building for a couple more weeks, so I didn't want to pass on the opportunity. 

I had purchased some clothes at the thrift store and we paired that with the clothes Skyler already owned. I'm in love with the first look – it reminds me of a Toy Solider and that big concrete wall outside the warehouse was the perfect setting. 

Our next look was really fun for me. I'd bought two pairs of jeans and cut one to be shorts. We layered them together and added his denim jacket for a all denim look. We used the pant legs of the cut-offs and added additional layers. This is what I mean with making mistakes, try new things and be weird; it may turn into something you really love! 

We hopped outside for a minute and took advantage of these really cool chainlink fences stacked on top of each other. 

My favorite thing about fashion is it can be ridiculous. It doesn't have to be polished or tidy. It can just exist, and people can think whatever they want of it. There are no boundaries. 

Our final look is one of my favorites. Skyler wore his dad's suit, belted high around the waist. He tucked it into his Doc Martens to really complete the whole ensemble. 

We shot the final look right as the sun was setting, so he could face towards the light without it hurting his eyes – that's how you can make the sky so blue. It isn't blown out from the sunlight in the background. 

Quick tip: If you find yourself out of ideas for posing, have your model run. Have them run towards you, run away from you, run in circles around you while you lay on the ground; it doesn't matter. Just get them moving and start shooting. They are always my favorite images and the motion is creates is unique in each shot! 

Overall, i'm really really happy with this shoot. It definitely got my creativity flowing and I'm feeling a lot more passionate about photography ever since. It's so good to change things up.

Model: Skyler Hawkins
Agency: Callidus Agency