The Dragonfly Agency contacted me last week and asked if I would want to shoot one of their newest faces, Tariq. Shooting with new faces is always a challenge, because you are getting a model with little to no experience – no matter how attractive or camera-friendly they may be, you're shooting with someone who is brand new and you have to make it look like they have years of experience. I seriously enjoy working with new faces, but definitely a challenge. 

With Tariq, however, it was easy-breezy. 

Aside from the fact that his facial structure is killer, and he could literally just stand there and take a good photo, he was so eager to learn and jumped right into any ideas I had for him. After Dfly told me he played basketball, I decided to shoot at Calhoun Middle School in Denton. Their basketball and tennis court has an edgy vibe and looks more inner city than small North-Texas town to me. They're surrounded by this great chain link fence that encompasses both courts and stands at leasts 20 feet tall. Those fences make the entire location – they're so perfect. 

I'm so glad I got to work with Tariq. He is such a sweet kid and I can't wait to see where he goes. 
Interested in working together? Email me and let's chat! hello@kellysparks.co