On the flight back from Thailand, Alex and I made a pact to say "yes" to everything for the next three months. During our time in Asia, life was new and exciting. Doing mundane tasks like buying groceries or walking to a coffee shop was invigorating – it was new and because of that, felt exciting despite being done a thousand times before. 

We decided to say yes to more because we wanted to experience that same level of thrill in our daily lives back home; we all get stuck in the same routine from time to time, and switching is up is good for the soul.

One of the opportunities that I said yes to was applying for an internship at WELD. WELD is a co-working space in Dallas that offers a place for creatives to gather and work under the same roof. My friend interns with them and texted mentioning that they were seeking one more intern for the year. He asked if I would consider applying, and because of our mission to say yes, I applied (despite not wanting to). I was interviewed and a week later got a call that I was accepted. Look, I didn't want to apply – If Alex and I wouldn't have made a promise to say yes, I would have immediately convinced myself I was too busy and turned it down. I would have made a quick and easy decision to say "no" and hinder myself in the long run. 

See my happy self below: glad I took the position. 

Two days ago, on my first day of the internship, I finished reading a book by Ryan Holiday called The Obstacle the Way. In the book, Ryan talks about challenges and hardships being the best way to grow and build your brand. I finished the last two hours of my audiobook while driving in stop and go traffic. It was terrible traffic, but the whole time, Ryan's voice in my ear kept saying "the obstacle is the way". Use difficult situations to better yourself. Use rush hour traffic to dive into a book. Use an internship that takes up a great deal of your week to meet people, make connections, and build your reputation in the industry. Use inconveniences to your advantage. Life is full of times when you just want to give up - you just want to throw in the towel because things are too hard. Use those times, times when everyone else is giving up, to get ahead. 

I loved the book - obviously. It came at the perfect time and I'm super excited to have this new outlook on life. 

So here we are, on my second day of my internship and I am so in love with it. The experience already has taught me so much, humbled me, and encouraged me to seek out more opportunities, knowing the potential of surrounding yourself with other creatives.