What Should I Post on Instagram: For Models

As a model, there are several reasons why you would want a well curated social media presence. Whether you are signed to your dream agency, or still waiting to be discovered; your Instagram feed matters. Here's why.

#1. Agencies are going to look at your Instagram before signing you
#2. Clients are going to look at your Instagram before booking you

That alone should convince you, but if you're still on the fence, here's Lyric Menges with a few more reasons why you should put time and effort into curating quality content for your Instagram (and some tips on how to do so)!  

Meet Lyric. She has years of experience in the modeling industry and is signed in both LA and Dallas. She's a cat lover, letter writer, and hilarious to be around. She was also kind enough to answer some questions about her Instagram experience which you can read below. 

Q: As a model, how important is Instagram for booking work?

A: Unfortunately, Instagram has evolved to becoming a major factor of how much work a model can book. In the largest market in the world, New York, there are certain castings where it is required to have a following of at least 50K to even attend the casting. The fashion market has now adapted to current social conditions and since has had a very large online presence. 

Q: Dang, that's a lot of followers just to ATTEND a casting! In what ways have you noticed Instagram effecting your life and career?

A: To me, Instagram started off as a way to get college recruiters more information about who I was as a person. I used to play volleyball for the national team which grew my following immensely. When I transitioned my life direction towards modeling, the agencies I'm represented by gave me tips on how to market myself via social media. However, I think its very important as a model to represent yourself organically. You hear a lot of people tell you to "look more expensive", "don't post too much about your personal life", or "you need to post everyday". When the reality is, Instagram is a social media platform. I'm proud of the content I post because I know it is a true representation of who I am as both a model and a human being. Clients really seem to like that and I've only had positive feedback. 

Q: With a following of almost 40K, what advice to do you have for aspiring models or models trying to grow their social media following? 

A: If I could give any tips about social media, it would be to be appropriate and unique. You don't have to only post pictures wearing designer labels with your hair and makeup done professionally. Post what your eating, funny pictures of your pets, candid photos of yourself with the people you care about, beautiful scenery you witnessed... anything that showcases who you are and why you are different from every other pretty face. Being appropriate online includes not only being respectful but also aware. Maintaining a positive self image and online presence (that's appropriate for all ages and walks of life) will help you reach a wider variety of clients and will in turn make you more marketable. 

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 11.10.07 AM.png

"[post] anything that showcases who you are and why you are different from every other pretty face." 

I could tell you all day long to find your light, post when the majority of your followers are active, share an equal amount of selfies and professional images. But that real truth is: Be yourself. Post what you like. Share your experiences and get to know your followers. Develop a style that makes you stand out from all the other aspiring models online. Instagram has been the biggest help in growing my business and it can work for models in the same way. 

The bottom line is, it's YOUR social media.  

Stop comparing yourself to others. Embrace who you are and f the rest. 

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